Harley-Davidson Accessories Harley-Davidson® Shackle Lock Kit
Harley-Davidson Accessories Harley-Davidson® Shackle Lock Kit

Harley-Davidson® Shackle Lock Kit

Secure your brake disc or sprocket.

This lock features a fully removable 14mm shackle with a large inside diameter to simplify the capture of chain links and cable loops.

The high-security double deadbolt design and anti-float disc lock cylinder is tough to defeat and the soft nylon coating on the shackle and lock protects your bike's finish.

The blade-style key slot is hidden behind a sliding dust cover for weather protection and the kit includes a lighted key for night time locking.

The bright orange colour of the lock and the handy reminder cord provides visibility to the user and added theft deterrence.

When not in use, the lock and cord can be stored in the compact ballistic nylon pouch with belt clip.

Kit includes; lock, two standard keys, one lighted key, coiled reminder cord and storage pouch.