Harley-Davidson Gloves Harley-Davidson® Passage Adventure Gauntlet Gloves

Harley-Davidson® Passage Adventure Gauntlet Gloves

Stay Cool: Ventilation openings in the hard-shell knuckle ensure adequate air-flow for comfortable cooling.

Fit & Mobility: Exterior seam stitching eliminates pressure points and provides the sensitivity every rider demands. The wrist and cuff adjustment provides a secure and precise fit.

Ride-Enhancing Features: The insulated and waterproof Passage adventure gloves are ready for all-weather action thanks to Hydratex waterproofing and grip technology that will make sure hands stay warmer when it’s cold and drier when you perspire. Advanced coverage is provided by a honeycomb structure of TPU, topped by an aluminum high-impact shield.

The palm and thumb are covered by an abrasion-resistant TPU hard shell slider.
Certification: Certified to EN 13594:2015.