BMW Motorrad Gloves Two-In-One Tech

BMW Motorrad Gloves Two-In-One Tech

2-in-1 function for more comfort on long rides: The sporty Two in One Tech touring gloves, complete with their 2-chamber technology, have a lot to offer.

The first chamber is not lined and has kangaroo leather for excellent grip on the handlebars, while the waterproof second chamber with breathable Gore-Tex is perfect for protection against wind and weather.

Additional Details

Sporty gloves with 2-in-1 technology

Two layers of leather at the edge of the hand

Integral knuckle protectors made of plastic

Light foam padding underneath the leather on backs of fingers

Fingertips of index, middle and ring fingers made of leather for extra safety

Long cuff, length-adjustable with large, soft TPU hook-and-loop fastener

Extra adjustable hook-and-loop fastener at wrist

Rubber wiper lip on left index finger

No pressure points due to special seams at fingers and palm

Tip of index finger and tip of thumb suitable for operating touch screen devices

Colour: black/grey