BMW Men's EnduroGuard Jacket - Black


BMW Men's EnduroGuard Jacket - Black

The developers of the EnduroGuard jacket were called upon to meet maximum functionality requirements without compromise. The result is a professional enduro jacket of the latest generation made of specially developed materials for which an entirely new look was created.

The basic material was developed by BMW Motorrad itself in collaboration with the Schoeller textile experts: Dynatec, an extremely abrasion-resistant polyamide polyester mix, applied here as a 3-layer laminate with Dynatec Stretch for premium comfort. A special protective fabric called ceraspace is also applied in the EnduroGuard jacket. Made of extremely hard ceramic particles bound in a polymer matrix, ceraspace is characterised by enormous robustness and is highly heat-resistant. This innovative technology by Schoeller has already proved its effectiveness in military equipment and professional outdoor clothing. In the EnduroGuard suit ceraspace is applied over large areas at the elbows and forearms, offering maximum protection and €š¬‚¬œ as an added extra, so to speak €š¬‚¬œ a very attractive appearance.

The EnduroGuard jacket also features another high-end material in the form of the BMW Climate Membrane for an optimum body climate. Versatile ventilation zips, the AirVent system and other details give riders plenty of options to perfect their own personal feel-good climate. The safety features include not just NP2s but also latest-generation protectors. With their unrivalled damping properties, they provide excellent protection in the EnduroGuard suit at the back, shoulders and elbows. A coccyx protector can be retrofitted separately.

In this way, the EnduroGuard jacket is prepared for all weathers and every riding situation €š¬‚¬œ there is even a wind-stop in the jacket and a waterproof storm hood integrated in the collar.

Additional details

Cutting-edge, waterproof off-road riding jacket
Highly abrasion-resistant dynatec/dynatec Stretch outer with ceraspace protection technology; developed by BMW in partnership with Schoeller Textil AG
Three-layer laminate with BMW climate membrane; wind and waterproof, highly breathable
NP2 protectors at back, shoulders and elbows
Coccyx protector retrofittable Outstanding all-round air circulation thanks to numerous ventilation options; double front zip serves as AirVent system
Mesh lining in jacket and trousers, 3D mesh on the back; breathable and elastic
Eight jacket pockets, seven of them waterproof; men's jacket with additional breast pocket
Sleeves can open wide, with wind protection in bad weather
Effective protection against wind and rain
Waterproof storm hood integrated into the collar
Velcro and press studs for adjusting fit in various places
Reflective print on jacket
Connector zip: 40 cm (all-round)
Comfort fit