BMW Allround 2 Unisex Gloves Black


BMW Allround 2 Unisex Gloves Black

For all touring riders who value quality and pay attention to the price. The Allround 2 glove is waterproof, pleasantly soft and stays warm during cooler temperatures as well. The fleecy inside lining, the soft leather of the palm and the individual adjustability by means of Velcro fasteners make the glove a comfortable companion on any bike ride. Additionally, the precurvature of the fingers enables the grip to be held securely and without fatigue.       

Additional Details

A waterproof touring glove

Leather/textile outer with wind and waterproof C.A.R.E. climate membrane

Leather fingers with understated pattern and embossed lines

Cordura knuckles with Suprotec foam underlay

Doubled leather in vulnerable areas of the palm

Ball of the thumb reinforced with Keprotec

Rubber visor wiper on forefinger

Light quilting

Long reflective strips along edge of hand

Wind and waterproof

BMW lettering on the Velcro fastener